SVEB Certificate (in English)

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More and more trainers are required to have it, over 54,000 already do: The SVEB Certificate (Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA), recognised throughout Switzerland, forms the foundation of and serves as an entryway to further education in Switzerland. By completing this course, you will demonstrate that you are capable of professionally preparing and carrying out training events!

Accredited to the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)

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The acknowledged Lernwerkstatt team of course leaders will guide you through your course, systematically enriching your knowledge and skills by directly drawing on needs and experiences from their own professional fields of learning and hence ensuring close ties with practice. The cooperation between the course leaders and the attendees, as we understand it, is an open(-minded) partnership. The diversity of our team will be highly beneficial to you.

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Whom is the course targeted at?

The majority of the holders of the SVEB Certificate work part-time in adult education. They employ their sound methodological and didactic skills as well as their social competences in the industry, in public administration and in social institutions. They work in training and human resources departments, or as course leaders at adult learning centres, focusing their activities on preparing and conducting training events.

The SVEB Course Leader certificate is a training standard recognised by further education institutions and government agencies. It is not only the eduQua-certified further education institutions in Switzerland that require this standard of their trainers.

Since it was introduced in 1995, more than 41,000 people have obtained this additional qualification.

Who attends the course?

Those interested in acquiring the SVEB Certificate intend to gather the knowledge and skills necessary to professionally prepare, conduct and evaluate training events with adults in their area of expertise.

Occupations/positions include:

  • In-company and in-organisation trainers
  • Vocational trainers
  • Line managers and employees working as trainers
  • HR specialists
  • Course leaders in educational institutions
  • Persons interested in getting into adult education

What should one bring along?

  • A keen interest in teaching and learning
  • Ideally, currently holding a training position in the industry or in an educational institution

What kind of practical experience is required?

In order to apply for an SVEB Certificate, you have to provide proof of no less than 150 hours of practical experience leading training events distributed over no less than 2 years.

Framework conditions:

  • Activity as a course leader (leading training events)
    What is counted is the number of hours (not lessons) spent in contact with the attendees. Preparatory and follow-up work are not taken into consideration.
  • Group size
    Two thirds should be groups of no less than three adults, one third may be one-to-one tuition, providing learning support for individuals.
  • Age of attendees
    16 years minimum, upon completion of mandatory schooling.

These conditions may also be met on completion of the course and do not constitute an admission requirement with regard to the course.

What is there to learn?

Module content pursuant to the module requirements of the AdA modular system.

Module 1 (AdA FA-M1)
Conducting training events with adults
Being capable of preparing, carrying out and evaluating training events with adults in one’s area of expertise, using pre-defined concepts, lesson plans and teaching materials.

What is the duration of the course?

The course comprises 14 training days (self-study not included) over four months.

The course dates as indicated are fixed and will not be changed.

To the course dates

What is the size of the groups?

As a rule, course groups do not exceed 16 attendees in size.

What does “European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System” (ECTS) mean?

ECTS is a system recognised by universities throughout Europe for crediting, transferring and accumulating student credits. This course equals 13.5 ECTS credits.

What does “Course guarantee” mean?

We guarantee you that all our courses will be held at the locations and dates indicated. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a course, we will compensate you for your troubles to the tune of CHF 1000. But don’t invest the CHF 1000 in your next holidays just yet – your course will take place!

What is the “e-platform”?

For communications amongst attendees and course leaders, each course group has a password-protected area on for its individual use during the course. This is where course leaders and attendees find out about a course, exchange documents, recommend links, send e-mail, etc. All users of the e-platform will be entered into our online trainer database free of charge, and thus their profile will be presented to the 30,000 visitors per month to our website. You will keep access to the e-platform after the end of course.

How and where can course materials be obtained?

Course materials are available to attendees as digital scripts. Printed course materials are also available on request at no extra charge. In addition, all attendees will continue to have access to the ongoing updates.

Script examples:
Chapter 3: Teaching and learning (pdf)
Chapter 9: Communication awareness (pdf)

Where is the course held?


How long will the certificate remain valid?

The SVEB Course Leader certificate (Module 1) is valid indefinitely. It is deemed one of the requirements for the Swiss Federal Certificate for Trainers in Further Education.

You can attend Modules 2 to 5 and the supervision segment later, in order to obtain the Swiss Federal Certificate for Trainers in Further Education. These Modules have a validity of five years. You must apply for the Swiss Federal Certificate within this period. It is irrelevant, however, when exactly you attended Module 1.

What is my investment?

CHF 4230.00

5% discount for Swissmem member companies

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