Attendee statements
SVEB Certificate (in English)

«An exceptional course run for professionals by professionals. Not only the content of the course is cleverly designed and masterfully presented, the course itself integrates such fundamentals as social intelligence and promotes self-development and continuous learning with dynamism and sparkle.»

Liza Sautina, founder, Ink and Plume


«Professional, practical, inspired and highly valuable course, whose learning methods I can immediately use on my daily business.»

Maaret Sirkkala, Senior Application Specialist/Senior Consultant, ABB


«It is a very well structured course that has enabled me to understand essentials of adult learning methods and manners of interaction that support effective knowledge transfer. Experienced instructors have always been rather helpful and made workshops an exceptional experience, with many practical tips applicable in my daily job. I appreciate the opportunity to use excellent on-line platform offered by Lernwerkstatt even after the course and establish new connections within the network of training professionals. SVEB in English was for me a highly valuable step-stone for further career.»

Aleksandar Kitanovic, Principal Engineer & Chief Instructor, General Electric (Switzerland) GmbH